Who is
 Pink Donkey?

Pink Donkey offers photo and video production services for businesses in the Hunter Valley


Our approach is to understand your brand identity, your audience and your distribution channels to create amazing content with results.


To help you create innovative and unique content that will inspire and engage, using a relaxed approach that will put you at ease and make you comfortable telling your story in front of our camera.

danny rodas

taco connoisseur 

Danny grew up in Mexico and always had a passion for things that would trigger his creativity. 


After completing his studies in business he moved to Australia in 2013. For the next few years he developed work experience in the Hospitality and Digital Marketing fields.


Today he has a camera in his hand and thrives when capturing moments for his clients with his heart and soul.


 When he’s not with a camera, Danny is likely cooking mexican food or playing golf. 

While finding his love and passion in Pink Donkey, Danny's biggest sources of love and passion are marrying the girl of his dreams and being the dad of the most amazing and cheeky little boy in the planet.